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No Equipment Workouts

No Equipment? No Problem!

With this amazing program, you DO have the time to get in shape, boost your metabolism and increase your energy!

No excuses! No equipment is needed to tone and strengthen the entire body! Blasts the abs & core!

Four pre-mixed workouts in one!

Total Body.......57 minutes
Lower Body......27 minutes
Upper Body......24 minutes
Abs & Stretch...10 minutes

You'll use squats, push-ups, lunges, dips and more to get firm and lean! Glute presses, planks and crunches, every exercise also hits the core!

Pre-mixes shake up the order of the exercises and keep you from getting bored!
Get started now! Click to order:
Quick Fit 2: No Equipment Needed!

More "No Equipment" Workouts Coming...

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What is a Pre-Mix?

A pre-mix is a way of changing your workout variables using the same exercises. Your mind and your body both benefit from pre-mixes, here's how:

1. Your body reacts to the pre-mix like a new workout!

2. Your mind gets new stimulation from the new routine!

3. Your mind-muscle connection gets stronger!

4. You work each muscle deeper and more intensely since you don't have to learn new exercises.

DVD Player Pre-Mix:

You can also make your own pre-mixes by programming your DVD player!

This allows you to customize your workouts for your specific fitness goals, while breathing new life and excitement into some older DVD workouts that you may have abandoned.

All In One Workout DVDs are already formatted into chapters for this type of programming! Just follow the programming directions in your DVD player manual, and you'll be on your way to customizing these DVDs even further!

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